20 January 2023

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Holyrood reception reinforces importance of industrial decarbonisation for Scotland and the UK

Industrial decarbonisation took centre stage at a parliamentary reception hosted at Holyrood by Karen Adam MSP, in partnership with the Scottish Cluster.

MSPs and government officials met a range of stakeholders and representatives from industrial emitters around the country at the event, which was focussed on reinforcing the critical need for carbon capture and storage (CCS) to remain high on the political agenda for 2023 and beyond.

The Scottish Cluster would play a significant role in safeguarding UK energy security by supporting the transition of skills from the existing energy sector to low carbon technologies for the future.

Speaking during the event, Karen Adam MSP, said: “The Scottish Cluster provides a path to net zero while opening up significant new value-creating activity for Scotland and the UK. 

“It is a group of Scottish industrial companies using innovative decarbonisation technologies to capture and permanently store CO2 emissions, using the Acorn Transport and Storage system, which is based in my constituency of Banffshire and Buchan Coast.

“Together, these projects are at the forefront of Scotland’s green industrial revolution.”

Colin Pritchard, Sustainability Director of INEOS Grangemouth, and Tom Snow, Engineering Manager at SSE Thermal further outlined how the Scottish Cluster will secure and create jobs and add value to the economy.

Tom highlighted that SSE Thermal and Equinor’s proposed Peterhead Carbon Capture Power Station would connect to the Cluster’s CO2 transport and storage infrastructure and deliver economic benefits to Scotland as a whole. Colin conveyed the commitment of INEOS Grangemouth to investing in its site to enable the capture and storage of approximately one million tonnes of CO2 each year, by 2030.

Sarah Potts, Head of Hydrogen at Storegga, lead developer of the Acorn Project, reiterated the importance of the project to the Scottish Cluster: “The Acorn Transportation and Storage system, at the heart of the Scottish Cluster, will provide the backbone infrastructure and geological storage sites for CO2 captured from emitters in the Scottish Cluster.

“Meeting carbon reduction targets, achieving energy security and bolstering economic development are not mutually exclusive; these ambitions are connected and complementary. We have a wealth of energy expertise in the country and, together with the critical infrastructure needed to unlock the Scottish Cluster, we are well-positioned to make a significant contribution to the UK succeeding in achieving its net zero ambitions.”

Thank you to all who attended, including Graham Simpson MSP, Liam Kerr MSP, Fiona Hyslop MSP and Gillian Martin MSP, alongside Karen Adam as host.This critical infrastructure will support and accelerate Scotland’s transition to a net zero economy, while safeguarding vital Scottish industries and contributing to a just transition for workers and communities.

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