The Scottish Cluster supply chain

The Scottish Cluster has the opportunity to deliver more than 20,600 jobs at its peak, and cascading supply chain benefits through the development of decarbonisation projects led by a cross-sector group of industrial CO2 sources and the Acorn Carbon Capture and Storage (“CCS”) and Hydrogen Project partners.

The Scottish Cluster timeline

The first phase of Scottish Cluster development, between now and 2030 should involve at least nine UK CO2 sources spanning a variety of high emitting sectors including industrial sites and power generation plants, along with the generation of hydrogen and the deployment of Direct Air Capture (“DAC”) technology. Eight of these CO2 sources should be operational by 2027 and they include two of the gas terminals at the St Fergus Gas Complex, SSE and Equinor’s Peterhead Carbon Capture Power Station, around 1 million tonnes of CO2 per year from the INEOS and Petroineos sites at Grangemouth and the first large-scale DAC facility of its kind in Europe, targeted for North East Scotland. 

The Scottish Cluster, by deploying CCS, hydrogen and DAC technologies in Scotland could support an average of 15,100 jobs between 2022-2050, comprising 6,200 direct jobs and 8,900 supply chain jobs.

The Scottish Cluster will create, safeguard and continue to support tens of thousands of high skill jobs.

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High value jobs
created will include:

  • retail trade services; management consulting services; insurance services; real estate services; accounting services; electricity services; machinery and equipment services; and industrial gas and inorganic chemical services.
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High value jobs safeguarded will include:

  • cement, lime, plastering; mining support services and gas distribution supply.
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High value jobs
will continue to be supported in:

  • Engineering services, construction services, scientific and technical services, architectural services and other industry and construction support activities such as electrical equipment; and basic materials and casting. 

The Scottish Cluster Economic Impact Assessment Report

Please download the Element Energy Public Summary Report of the Scottish Cluster Economic Impact Assessment here:

The Scottish Cluster Economic Impact Assessment (PDF. 612.3kb)

The Scottish Cluster supply chain register

We are working to create a supply chain register, to ensure that we are building up a network of businesses based in Scotland and further afield to support our needs in the coming years.

This register will always receive notification of any Scottish Cluster supply chain events.

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